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Based in Italy, CRISPI® has been building the highest quality handmade hunting boots for more than 40 years. Crispi footwear is well known for its all-day comfort and high-level performance based on the Instant Fit philosophy.

Popular Models

Summit GTX

Summit GTX

Lightweight, semi synthetic.

The Summit is a semi-synthetic ankle lace-up boot for bush hunting and stalking. It provides the wearer with outstanding support and all day comfort, resulting in exceptional performance and less fatigue at the end of the day.

Instant Fit

Nevada Legend EFX GTX

Summit GTX

Classic Mid Weight Bush & Mountain.

The Nevada Legend is a superb all-rounder, in a classic design. It uses many of the technological features that Crispi is known for, making it the perfect all-round boot.

Instant Fit

Valdres GTX


Ultra Lightweight Stalking.

The Valdres is a full-leather lightweight ankle lace-up boot for bush hunting and stalking.

It has a couple of technical features that gives the wearer immediate and lasting comfort, better stability and superb support, all resulting in better control of the foot.

Instant Fit