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Guss Bisset
New Zealand Trophy Hunting

Testimonial for Grisport Kaikoura Boots

I have had the pleasure of owning and rigorously testing a pair of the Italian made Grisport “Kaikoura” boots for the past 10 months. I would have to say, these boots are the “business ” for those of us that require a lighter weight boot for medium to steep terrain,wet , muddy and slippery conditions or bush hunting. They are very comfortable to walk in straight out of the box, offer tremendous ankle support, are lightweight, keep your feet dry (even in wet conditions) and provide superior traction to all other boots in steep muddy terrain. In the Bush they are as near to perfect as you can get for a hunting boot. The soles are slightly more supple than an alpine boot and provide great comfort and feel ( to prevent snapping twigs)yet they don’t seem too soft when it comes to sideling or dealing with steeper, more aggressive terrain.

In my line of duty as an avid hunter and full time hunting guide, I come across a variety of terrain and conditions on a daily basis. I have used the Grisport Kaikouras extensively throughout the whole country during this past hunting season and have been very pleased with their performance . I use them in conjunction with an Alpine boot, which I use for Thar hunting in the winter, but I would be more than happy to hunt Tahr in the Grisport ‘s if I needed to.

I think their true niche is the bush ,wet ground ,or medium to steep hill country and also for those who don’t like to wear heavier, stiffer soled full shank boots.There is no other boot on the market that comes close to rivaling their performance for this combination of applications.

When I finally manage to wear this pair out I will certainly get another.

Thank you to the team at FOOTWEAR & APPAREL for providing another great product for the hunters, farmers and outdoor enthusiasts of New Zealand.


Scott’s Grisport Footwear findings

I just wanted to write to you give you my feedback on your Gri-Sport Hunting boots. I brought the Classic SPX about a year ago and I think they would just about have to be the best boots I have ever purchased.
I hunt all year around, from Fallow around Wanganui to Thar down the South Island to Sika in the Kaimanawas.

The Classic has been up to all these Tasks without any complaint. The only thing that has happened is that a lace hook broke off, but that is not the boots fault as it got caught on a tree root.

I picked the Classic boots as being a family man that’s all I could afford. I thought being the cheapest that they might not be as good as the highter end boots in the line, but they are not showing any sign of wear or tear despite the hammering they have had over the past year. Maybe one day when I have worn them out I will try another model in the range, but it is hard to imagine any boot being better than the ones I have.

Mike Stent

The North Island perspective…

Back in the winter I was asked to testfire a pair of Gri Sport Kaweka Boots and give my analysis of them. If you were able to see my garage you would note the large number of pairs of footwear I have tried and tested over the past few years. Some have passed my tough treatment and others have been consigned to the rubbish heap. I am hard on footwear and very critical of boot performance.

The Kaweka boot I have worn now regularly for about five months. I have worn them as a hunting boot in the Central North Island and as a work boot. I must say that I have given them a fair thrashing and have found that I like wearing them more and more. The boot has a mid flex sole which suites well as a bush stalking boot in that you are able to quietly move around in the bush with the ability to “feel” anything under your feet reducing the chance of breaking that twig when you least want it to happen. The Kaweka boot has a waterproof and breathable membrane which does as it suggest, keeps your feet dry. I also found that the leather composition of the Kaweka boot was quite soft which did allow the boot to stretch width ways and easily mould to the shape of my foot.

I now find myself looking for my Gri Sport Kaweka’s when I head out for the day, such is the level of comfort and enjoyment I get from wearing them. In summary I believe that the Kaweka boot offers awesome value for money.

It is well suited as an all round type of boot. It is equally suited as a tramping, hunting or as a general work boot on the farm.

Scott Kunac
Allan Millar's Fishing and Hunting New Zealand

Grisport Boots

If you had walked into our Dunedin store six months ago and asked for a good quality, waterproof, breathable all leather boot for under $400 the answer would have been “there is no such thing”. That was until we had the opportunity to stock the Italian made Gri Sport range of boots.

Grisport manufacture a large range of outdoor and safety footwear and this year for the first time the outdoor range has become available to the Hunting and Fishing chain of stores. These boots are placed well in our existing range of footwear, above the cheaper Chinese boots but below the high priced German manufactured models, and will find favour with many Kiwi hunters, farmers and outdoor enthusiasts.

I recently spent a week in the hills and gave the mid-range Kaweka model a taste of snow, rock and riverbed. The wide fit of all the Grisport models means that most Kiwis will be comfortable in them. In the past, many European boots have been too narrow for our jandle spread feet. This is definitely not the case with these. I would describe this range of boots as an ideal bush boot giving you enough flex to stalk quietly through the bush but, at the same time, providing plenty of good ankle support.

Rock hopping up and down mountain streams, the Vibram sole gave me plenty of grip and I always felt sure-footed. The Sympatex waterproof, breathable lining kept my feet warm and dry until I went in over my knees but then pumped dry as you would expect from this type of boot construction. Although not having a full shank or rigid foot bed, I would not recommend them as a hard out alpine boot.
At the end of the week, apart from the odd rock scar, the Kaweka boots look every bit as though they would go on to handle many more enjoyable adventures in the hills.

Mark Crossen

Another happy customer…

The Grisport Kaweka boot has more support sideways, stiffer in the sole, more aggressive sole and seem to be warmer/ dryer.

I have attached a photo so you can see me giving them a little work out.

Sorry no big Bull Thar to really show-off!